Palenio is the future of natural language processing.

Everyday you are becoming overwhelmed by data, it is impossible to keep track of things and you spend a lot of time getting the right information. It is even harder if a certain word does not come to ones mind. Wouldn't it be great to achieve your goal faster? If it wouldn't be necessary to find the right term and if entering your unfiltered thoughts would be sufficient? This is exactly what we want to accomplish with our technology.

Palenio understands you

Behind the scenes of Palenio multiple subsystems and a comprehensive database with terms and their semantic fingerprint are working together. Specific optimization and machine learning techniques enable a fingerprint retrieval for single terms and whole texts in a few milliseconds. Just try it immediately with our live demos.

Semantic Fingerprinting

The core of Palenio: Our service creates individual fingerprints for words and texts of any length. They form the base for the semantic comparison, analysis and search functionality with text inputs by your customers.


¡Hola, Hello and 今日は! Palenio automatically detects and understands 78 languages. It is even possible to mix them in the input text.


Palenio can be tailored to your needs. We fed the whole internet into Palenio to fulfil your customers' needs. If that is not enough and doesn't fit your use-case you can easily customize Palenio with your own content.

Text Matching Not Required

There is no text matching in Palenio as speech is inherently fuzzy and therefore should not be interpreted with strict matching rules or synonyms. Palenio works with joint probability instead of dependant probability. The matching happens on the context.

Translation Not Required

As with text matching, Palenio does not rely on translation. We want your customers to express their thoughts in the language they are most comfortable with.

Ontology Not Required

Ontologies are often used to reduce complex concepts and represent structure and relations of entities. But they are not expressive enough and do not scale for our level of detail.

Use Cases

There are many areas in which Palenio can help and its use-cases are endless. Here are a few ideas that could be your next business opportunity:


Integrate Palenio in your webshop search

Displaying the product that your customer is after is not always as straight-forward as it seems. Often they lack the ability to precisely name what they need, instead they can only describe their wish. Palenio allows customers to express their request in words and to find the correct product through semantic comparison and search. It will reduce your bounce rates and drive sales.


Use Palenio to consolidate your travel tips

When it comes to travelling, discovering an unknown destination and searching for places to eat, drink and sleep, the web is jam-packed with choices. People have different tastes, preferences and desires, but are overwhelmed by a wide array of offers. It takes time and effort to find the perfect place. Palenio helps sorting recommendations and offering the best fits through semantic comparison to match your customer's desire.

Reading and Researching / to do research

Structure your research with Palenio

The Internet has become overcrowded with articles, journals and reports. Finding the right pieces of information and organising them in a coherent format requires effort and time. Palenio can assists the research process by reducing time and funnelling the demanded information to the readers by applying semantic fingerprinting.


Find movies, books and music with Palenio

Palenio's semantics search allows customers to explain what they are after and allows them to identify the perfect series or film to watch, instead of simply returning text matched results.


Use Palenio to describe symptoms

Describing symptoms can help to determine an illness and to find a solution to cure such. Palenio's semantic fingerprinting enables the comparison of sources that lead to finding possible diseases and connecting the patient with correct experts.

How It Works

Comparing texts using the Palenio requires the following steps:

  1. Provide Palenio with two sources of texts and words to compare.
  2. The API generates individual fingerprints of the inputs.
  3. Have Palenio calculate the degree of similarity using both fingerprints.
Palenio fingerprinting process

Test the Palenio API with our dynamic sandbox. Feel free to click through the examples or change the text yourself and see what happens. For each input we will provide you with a similarity value, which indicates how big the joint-possibility is that both inputs refers to the same thing i.e. the same context.


Let's talk about coffee

Palenio is able to detect specific topics of a text. Write something and Palenio detects how your input ranks on the coffee score.


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Language is a fundamental aspect in our life, a way of expressing yourself and connecting us humans. Simultaneously language is multilayered and complex. Inspired by the French "parler" for "speak" and the Spanish "palabra" for "word" the term "Palenio" was coined. Being an API with inputs and outputs you can also think of it as "PalenIO".

We are a team of five motivated people, who are fascinated by language and how the conception of it differs based on your field. With each one having a different role and area of interest we created Palenio by combining knowledge from software engineering, machine learning and marketing.

Andreas Bayer


Web Development, Security, Cloud Deployment

Nicklas Lange


Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations, Business Strategy

Ole Meyer


Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Scalability

Markus Packeiser


User Experience Design, Mobile Interaction, User Interface Engineering

Florian Weßling


Software Engineering, Design, Microservices, API Management


If you are interested in Palenio and want to find out more about our company, services and API, please do not hesitate to send us a message.

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